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In a culture that honors the legacies of the past, this Hawaiian trio of talented musicians pays homage to their roots while creating a unique and progressive sound that leaves their mark in contemporary Hawaiian music.

In a seamless, continuous movement, we all carry a past while living in the present and moving toward a future. Hi’ikua’s music reflects the belief that without asking, the knowledge of our ancestors has already been placed within us in the hope that we too will shoulder that responsibility in an unbroken journey into the future.

This worldview is the essence of Hi‘ikua’s music, which is either composed or performed by Kalehua Krug, Kamuela Kimokeo and Blake Leoki-Haili. The group’s name derives from the Hawaiian word that means literally “to carry on one’s back.” Hi‘ikua accepts this responsibility and intends with each song to achieve that goal: to speak of their history in words and music; to enjoy each moment of that expression, and in sharing this with you, to hope that their message will find its way into the future.

This is why Hi’ikua came to be and how they have chosen to honor those who have come before us.


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