Powassan Virus

The Powassan Virus

The Powassan virus is also known as a POWV. It is a Flavivirus and it is transmitted to humans by ticks. This virus is found in the Far East Of Russia and in North America. This particular virus can cause encephalitis. This is an infection of the brain that can be very serious if it is left untreated.

Symtoms Of The Powassan Virus

The P0wassan virus has some symptoms that people should watch out for. There are neurological problems as well as the feeling of fatigue and muscle aches. Right now, there is no known vaccine or cure for it although someone can receive medications that can alleviate some of their symptoms so that they can function ok. They are medications that help to reduce the swelling in the brain and ease the pain that a person may be feeling. For many people, they will need to watch themselves closely. Hopefully, they will have someone else with them that will be able to watch out for them too.

People Need To Watch Out For Ticks

They want to be careful when they are outside for any type of tick bites that they might get. Since this can give someone other types of diseases too, watching for ticks is very important. If they do get a tick on them, they will want to learn how to remove it. It is best to see diagrams of this and they can be found online.

When people have the Powassan virus, they can suffer in many ways. They are not only in pain much of the time but they are also more lonely than they would be at other times in their lives. Since this is the case, they will want to be careful at all times about ticks and the diseases that they can get from them.