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You know that you should have a dental visit every six months, and you might even actually do it. This is the recommended frequency of visits, even when you have no real issues present, and even if you’re using the best dentistry Fort Lauderdale has to offer. Still, just keeping up with your appointments isn’t enough. You need to be taking care of yourself between these visits. Keep reading to learn a few pointers about how to do this.

Take your time when you brush your teeth. You might be really bored with it, considering you’ve been doing it every day as long as you remember. However, it’s not good to rush this. If you want to be thorough, do it for at least a full minute. At the same time, be gentle and don’t overbrush, because there’s a fine line between cleaning well and stimulating the gums and wearing down your enamel and hurting your gums.

Rethink getting a tongue or mouth piercing. They’re breeding grounds for a lot of bacteria, and while high levels of dental hygiene can mitigate the risk, it will always be there. Oral piercings might chip your enamel and leave you prone to infections.

A simple and hopefully obvious way for you to prevent cavities is just limiting your intake of sugar. It’s known to cause cavities. Soda and fruit juices are both very high in sugar, creating a lot damage to teeth. It’s better to just drink water as much as you can.

Don’t treat any tooth pain by putting an aspiring next to the tooth that hurts. This folk remedy doesn’t actually hold up under scientific scrutiny. If you do it, it might burn your tooth and even lead to some decay.

Pick snacks which have healthy benefits that help your teeth. For instance, eating an apple can help make your teeth cleaner. Raw veggies like carrots also make good snack foods since they help clean out your mouth too. The additional benefit is that you’ll get essential vitamins and minerals when you eat them, and that helps your teeth from the inside.

Brush twice a day. Floss once a day. Use a mouthwash. Can you remember anything else the best dentistry Fort Lauderdale has to offer told you to do the last time you had a checkup? It’s likely been months since you saw them, so you might not remember their advice about what to do between visits. These pointers can help you out in the meantime.