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Body therapy and, its more casual counterpart, massage, is a nuanced practice. Therapists have a hard time finding the right amount of pressure while clients have a hard time communicating how hard the want the pressure to be. Deep tissue massage Liverpool offers the right amount of pressure that you need.


But what should be the right amount? In most cases, this gets figured out during the actual session. There is no exact universal amount since bodies have varying tolerance for pressure in a massage. Here are ways on how to get the right amount of pressure during a session:


  1. Let your therapist try out different pressure levels first


Experienced therapists always start their session with trying different pressure levels (sometimes asking again midway in the session). This is to let the client know which pressure level is comfortable for him/her and up to which level he can tolerate.


A survey conducted by showed that 55% of their respondents fired their therapist because it was “too intense.” Meanwhile, 20% said “not intense enough,” 20% said “unfocused,” and 5% cited other reasons.


  1. Communicate all throughout the session


A therapist will not know how you are liking his or her massage if you are not communicating. This does not mean you blabber every minute but, rather, you tell her or him to focus on your lower back or do a more “stabbing” movement on your left shoulder part.


This is a good way to also let your therapist know how you like to be massaged in case you will be coming to the same place for a long time.

  1. Know the difference between good, bad, and ugly pain


Understanding your body’s comfort level, areas of pain, and tolerance to pressure is key to having a close estimate of your desired pressure level. Simply put, you need to have a lot of massage sessions (preferably each with a varying pressure, style, focus points, etc) to know what you want.


A “good pain” is a level which is a bit above your tolerated pressure level but still “feels right.” This is the one that stimulates, relieves, and decompresses your muscle tissues.


A “bad pain” is a level of pain you feel after a sudden movement by the therapist. Often, this happens with inexperienced therapists. It does not feel good and it will clearly ache the next day.


An “ugly” pain is obviously the type that can cause a lasting (or even permanent) pain. This could happen if you requested an extra-strong pressure level to a therapist you first met and without testing it first.




You are the one capable of feeling the right pressure in body massage. To avoid any accident caused by this, you should always properly communicatee what you are feeling with your therapist.