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What is the definition of stuporous? When people define stuporous, they often describe what’s known as the drunken stupor. However, the word and some of its synonyms are related to certain medical conditions and mental states. One such definition describes a person whose senses have diminished to the point that he or she only feels pain. Does that mean a person can only physically feel pain or mentally feel pain?

Some of the synonyms used to help further define stuporous include stunned, numb and dullness. If a person is stuporous or in a drunken stupor, confusion is a part of the equation. A stuporous person can feel sluggish, too. Remember the mention and question about whether or not a person feels pain only mentally or physically? Well get ready for this next explanation about two completely different situations that can leave a person feeling stuporous.

One such situation is when a patient has been out during surgery and awakes. It is quite common for people to wake up from surgery in a bit of a stupor. Now get ready for the exact opposite in terms of an explanation. Imagine not getting sleep for days. If you were to be up for days without sleep, that would also make you feel stuporous.

The senses were mentioned previously, and one of the words used to describe stuporous is also insensibility. People in a stupor are also slow to react, too. They have a lack of energy and to be even more clear, they can appear dazed and confused.

Perhaps the two best scenarios for understanding what stuporous means are the drunken stupor and the patient awaking from a surgical procedure. Yet stuporous is a state of mind and physical well being that presents itself under different balances and for a variety of different reasons.