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Schenectady NY WIC offers the local community a wide range of benefits and is therefore worthy of greater awareness. WIC stands for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. This is a governmental program designed to provide breastfeeding assistance, nutrition education, provider referrals and a host of healthy foods to lower-income expectant, breastfeeding or postpartum mothers as well as their kids up until the age of five years.

By scheduling an appointment at the local WIC office on Franklin Street, potential recipients of this type of assistance will undergo an eligibility screening process. There will also be a meeting with a nutrition education professional, after which vouchers are given for baby formula and/or WIC-authorized food items.

Schenectady NY WIC plays an important role in that it helps maximize the health of expectant moms, new moms and the infants and children they raise. WIC foods provide key nutrients that may otherwise be lacking from the dietary intake of folks within these categories. The goal is to aid in achieving longer, less troubled pregnancies and a decrease in pre-term births.

schenectady ny wic

Ideally, the financial savings that can be realized by taking advantage of what WIC offers can be used to cover other types of important expenses young families incur. The history of WIC is one of providing invaluable assistance that has aided countless members of the community in getting off to the best and healthiest start possible.

Those who believe they may meet the eligibility requirements for WIC programming are urged to schedule an appointment to learn more. Overlooking the opportunity to receive a wealth of nutritional and health support at a most critical time in life is something that no one needs to do. There really is no reason whatsoever to delay in requesting a time to visit the Schenectady office.